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Ensuring the Success of Your Operator-Assisted Conference Call

Ensuring the success of your operator-assisted conference calls is easy. Simply follow these tips and hints for a more successful event:

  • Take the time to review all of the ancillary services you have scheduled for your call. Keep in close contact with your Event Manager, and carefully review any pre-call check information you receive. If you have a feedline or a CommLine, know what these positions mean and where the phones and people need to be situated at event time.
  • Take into account the following when booking the number of lines for your event call:
    • You can expect a 50-60% turnout. If you invited 150 participants, book 75-85 lines.
    • Stay in close contact with your Event Manager to adjust the number of lines you will require on a conferenceCenturyLink must staff accordingly for the number of lines you book, and it is much easier to remove staff from your call if your turnout is lower than expected than it is to acquire staff members on the fly if your turnout is higher than expected. 
  • Minimize the amount of information you will require from your participants at event entry time. Asking for a great deal of information before allowing your participants into the conference can increase participant hold time and prolong your start time.
    • We suggest asking only name and company name. While we are happy to capture the information you require, we must ensure you understand the impact this has on the rate at which the inbound lines to your event call are answered.
  • If you have been provided a phone number specifically for your speakers, please make sure they only use that number to dial in to the conference. These numbers ring directly to the main operator for your call. These dial-in numbers also differentiate speakers from the participants dialing in to the conference and ensure timely placement into any pre-conference you may have scheduled for the call.
  • If you have multiple speakers, please provide all speaker names to your Event Manager so that operators answering lines on the day of your call recognize the speaker names and quickly transfer them into your pre-conference with the other speakers.
  • If you set up the event for another speaker, make sure they understand exactly what to expect at event time. This will minimize confusion at event time and help ensure your conference starts on time.
  • If you will be conducting a Q&A session, please be sure you have clearly communicated, either via chat or verbally, how you will be conducting that session. Operators can deliver instructions to your participants to run the Q&A session over the phone or via the web if you have chosen to use web conferencing in conjunction with your event.
  • When you perform an audio quality test with your operator, you will be informed if you need to speak up, pick up your handset, etc. At event time, it is important you are at the same phone/location you were at when you performed your audio quality test with the operator.
    • It’s not the same thing to perform an audio quality test from the phone in the conference room using the handset and then speak from the phone in your office on the speakerphone at event time. The audio quality will be different, and there may be very little the operator can do to adjust your line quality at that point.
  • While CenturyLink operators are very adept at managing the hustle and bustle of a large event in the few moments before conference start time, certain changes cannot be accommodated at the last minute without impacting the quality of your event. Please do your best to minimize last-minute changes.
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